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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Don't simply judge.

Yesterday i read a Facebook status updated by my friend, Kauthar . It's an interesting short story , a really short scene but so heartbreaking . Terpanggil untuk share di sini . Ada pengajaran yang kita boleh dapat dari kisah pendek ni .

A father entered a train with his 2 children. It was evening. The father took a seat,sat down emotionless, looking to the ground.

His 2 children ironically was so hyperactive, ran from door to the door,chasing people he met. Passengers were very irritated. The train passed by 1 destination, 2 destinations, 3 destinations. One passenger came to the father,said "your children is very irritating. couldnt you take care of them?".

without expression, the father replied "we just came back from the hospitals,and their mother was dead". what do you think the response of the other passengers?

communication may change our perception & improve the way we manage things in our life.

Don't simply judge people without even know what is his / her real situation / problem . Our judgemental words might hurt them even more . Even if we know their problem / situation , it won't be the same . We are not in his her situation , we don't feel the pain 



  1. people like judge others like they really know the person... hate it too..

  2. yerp..don't simply judge..sedih pulak dgn kisah ni

  3. sometimes licha pun cmtu.. tetiba rasa nk buat assumption, tapi kena salu beringat. huhu.. jgn cepat buat conclusion

  4. Hard cover. Yea jangan cepat buat conclusion sendiri,,


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