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Monday, August 10, 2015

Tepat ke hati.

Tadi while browsing the videos on Youtube, i saw a comment that really caught my attention. Actually tengah dengar a few Korean songs sambil lipat baju yang menimbun and then rasa macam "eh pernah dengar la lagu ni". I checked on it. Oh, Yana pernah share lagu ni dekat timeline Facebook dia. Lagu Big Bang. The first time aku dengar lagu dan tengok lirik lagu tu masa Yana share dekat Facebook dia haritu, aku rasa something sangat. Rasa macam kata-kata dalam lirik tu ditujukan kat aku. Isk. Rasa macam kata-kata dalam lirik tu adalah peringatan yang ditujukan tepat ke hati aku, untuk buat aku sedar tentang something. Then aku baca komen-komen dekat video tu. Dan terhenti dekat satu komen which is aku rasa sangat menusuk ke hati aku. Seolah satu lagi peringatan yang Dia nak tujukan dekat aku.

"Just because you like that person doesn't mean you have to date that person right away. Love takes time so take your time to be friends first. Learn how to love and trust him or her before you actually date or be together because you'll never know what's going to happen tomorrow. Know what you really want first before it's too late. For example, someone that had lost his/her love and trust before. It's hard for that person to move on so quickly because he/she is trying to find the right one , not just any one that he/she like.  You can always be friends and enjoy the moment first to see if that person is the person that you really want in your life. "

And then I realized that I have made the right decision. Yes, you have done your best, Emi. Now serahkan pada Dia.

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