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August 21, 2017 emi 16 Comments

Sebagai salah seorang pelanggan setia Althea, memang tak ketinggalan la kalau ada something best dekat Althea. Baru-baru ni dapat tahu Althea dah mula keluarkan produk dibawah jenama Althea sendiri. For those yang biasa shopping di Althea mesti tahu, selama ni Althea jual produk kecantikan dan penjagaan diri dari pelbagai jenama Korea. Kira Althea ni sebagai satu medium untuk shopping barangan kecantikan Korea. I am one of the most excited one bila dapat tahu Althea start produce their own range of product. Produk pertama keluaran Althea adalah Althea Petal Velvet Powder

It's pink! At first i thought this powder will be in standard size macam powder lain kat pasaran tu. But i'm totally wrong. It comes in a handy size. Comel sangat, mudah dibawa ke mana-mana. Selit dalam poket pun muat.  I'm so in love with the size, lol. Packaging simple but nice.

See how tiny it is.

I don't really like compact powder because it makes my skin irritated (my skin is too sensitive i guess). So normally i use water based BB cream / foundation and loose powder for my daily make up base. Memang lagi prefer loose powder compared to compact powder. For loose powder, i use the one from Skinfood. Tapi packaging Skinfood loose powder tu sangat tak convenient untuk dibawa ke mana-mana. Senang terbuka dan tumpah. So memang tak bawak pun bila keluar. I guess after this i'll just carry this Althea Petal Velvet Powder around.

Since it is a translucent powder, so normal la memang color dia putih. But i have no issue with that. Apply sikit lepas pakai foundation. Texture dia memang lembut, dan takde bau pelik atau bau yang kuat sangat. Just nice, boleh diterima oleh hidung ni. My concern bila pakai mekap adalah kulit muka jadi nampak berminyak after a few hours. I hate that. That is one of the reason why i choose water based foundation. At first risau jugak in case Althea Petal Velvet Powder ni buat muka jadi cepat berminyak. Tapi bila dah pakai, turn out okay je.

Suitable for all skin types, this powder also keeps the skin away from excessive sebum, without being overly dry. Bahan utama yang digunakan untuk hasilkan bedak ni ialah Althea Flower Seed Extract Oil. 

Isi kandungan Althea Petal Velvet Powder ni 3g, harga RM16 sahaja. My expectation was maybe more than RM30, tapi rupanya sangatlah mampu milik. Terkejut bila tahu harga Althea Petal Velvet Powder hanya RM16. 

Kat mana nak dapatkan Althea Petal Velvet Powder? Tentunya boleh didapati di Althea.

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Lina Shaza said...

ramai kan dah guna althea ni...semua dah pakat beli barang althea....terbaiklah althea...packaging pun cantik

ada sebum jugak rupanya.. boleh cuba ni...

Kylie wenn said...

So many people is using this powder now..Althea rocks!

Murahnyaaaa! Oh My! Nak grab skrg! Murah giler

Coi Ibanez said...

Haven't tried any product from Althea, but I love the simple packaging! Hehe! Not really into translucent powders because I need coverage hahaha! But if this product is of great control with oiliness then this is great! :D

Emily said...

Although I have not used Althea's new product yet, I feel like I already know its benefits after reading so many reviews. I am planning to get it for myself, thankfully it is affordable!

Althea products are trusted. This powder looks awesome too! nice packaging...

lovely product. the price is so cheap

Ika Sani said...

Bestkan guna powder ni. Ika suka hari2 guna. Harga pun sgt murah kan?

I have heard of this brand and I have heard people say a lot of good things about it. Definitely will give it a try sometime soon

me too like this product very much...I have been carrying it around ever since..senang and works very well to cover my oily skin..

Chuen said...

I love using the powder too! Keep my skin shine free :)

Read a lot of good reviews about this product and the price is awesome too. Going to try it soon.

Sharon Lee said...

I really love to use this powder! Cute, easy travel and the effect is really long lasting too.

Joysofyz said...

i love this powder too! just did an review on it~ it's so TINY!!!! -Joysofyz

Unbelievable good value for money.. huhu.. cannot wait to get mine...