What should i do.

November 18, 2013 emi 4 Comments

What should i do ?

I'm lying down on bed , ready for a peaceful sleep but then i realize how much i miss that person . Yeah , i couldn't keep denying this . I miss that idiot . Even after all that i have go through , i miss that person . What should i do ? It's been a long time i don't feel this way . All this time i keep myself busy . But now , when i'm about to sleep , i remembered that person again . A lot . U know u miss that certain someone when ur heart doesn't feel okay , when ur mind suddenly think bout that person . When u feel like crying with no reason . Oh God , help me :'(

And one thing that i keep wonder , does that person feel the same way right now ? Does that fellow miss me too like i do ? This is so heartbreaking . When u can't even hold on to the one that u want badly . It's far away .

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Liza Licha said...

:) sometimes ada jgk rasa mcm tu

mama_ka0ri said...

emi..biskut tu akak beli kat kiosk tempat keje akak..mmg kat luar susah nak jumpa..diaorg kata kat kedai borong sg petani ada jual..tapi akak tak tahu kedai mana satu..

nak akak belikan ke? emi duk kat mane?

pretend to be cool..cheer up dear :)

Haziza said...

Istikharah :)