Going home for hari raya :)

October 12, 2013 emi 4 Comments

Hey fellow readers !

I'm about to go back to my homesweethome in less than 2 hours . Maybe will arrive there before Subuh prayer or maybe a little bit late . Hope there'll be no problem with the bus . Ah really can't wait to be home . For now i'm at my Kak Ziey house at Sentul . She's going to go back to Kelantan by bus too, tonight together with me . So , i'll be back here on next Thursday . Yeay ! It's time to gather with all the family members except my Abg Li and his wife . He couldn't make it for this upcoming hari raya due to some reason . Nevermind , just enjoy the moments , rite ? Heee .

Duhh . . . Lupa . Selamat hari raya aidil adha semua !

Hope we'll safely arrive . Do prays for our safety yaww :)

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singgah.. up kan traffic cik emi.. kot2 dpt tudung free ker.. wakakaka

tenku butang said...

Heee raya dh abes

Haziza said...

Raya dah habis~ Tunggu next year pulak.

Haziza said...

Happy New Year Emi :)